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Protocol Village: Euclid, Cross-Chain Liquidity Infrastructure Powered by Nibiru, Emerges From Stealth

May 9: Arch Labs, building Arch, described as the “first Bitcoin-native application platform,” raised $7 million in a seed round led by Multicoin Capital, with participation from Portal Ventures, OKX Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, CMS Holdings, Tangent, Cypher and Newman Capital, according to a press release: “The company plans to use the funds to hire additional core developers, help launch the Arch Network into mainnet in H2 2024 and continue to support its burgeoning app build the first bitcoin-native application platform… The Arch Network is a parallelized, proof-of-stake network that uses zk-proofs to enhance Bticoin-native programmability. The network consists of a Rust-based zkVM, called the ArchVM, and a decentralized verifier network.”


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