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Ron Wyden on FISA Reform and Crypto

At home, the issue that I know, will present as the second word is bill, it might be medical bill, it might be housing bill, it might be gas bill. It’s all about, you know, the challenge, post-COVID, of coming out and finding a way, with lots of industries no longer being here, a path ahead. And that’s why I come back to people like the software developers, those were kind of my roots. That was my first experience with crypto when a bunch of Senators went to the floor and said, “we’re going to sock these developers for $50 billion worth of taxes.” And I said, “wait a minute, how did the software developers suddenly acquire expertise in tax collection,” and we waylaid. So the big challenge of our time is to listen. And I can tell you right now, the supreme supreme opportunity is to focus on these economic issues, and make better use of scarce resources.


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